Шаблон джумлы 2.5 news2

Теги: J3.x J2.5 Блоги Новостные Порталы Универсальные Templaza СКАЧАТЬ ДЕМО JB MaxBiz2 – интересный шаблон Joomla 2.5 и 3.x, созданный дизайнерской компанией JoomlaBamboo, который отлично подойдет для разработки личного блога или новостного сайта. Each instance can service a different category for a wide-ranging selection of stories for users to read in easy reach. Joomla 2.5 themes are used not only to define the style of a webpage, but also to define how the page is laid out. For example, it is because of how a specific template is setup that certain items show in the footer of a page, or in the left / right sidebars. It also makes sense that modules are the only Joomla extensions that are assigned to module positions. Provide immediate access to your latest articles on your frontpage The ever-improving flexibility of our NSP module takes care of the important stuff; with the ability to display articles by type, category and more, you can have a frontpage that automatically updates itself as new content is posted.


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