H шаблон для дле 9 6 версии

Another example of this is the DOCTYPE, which is required to trigger no-quirks mode, because the behavior of legacy user agents in quirks mode is often largely undocumented. Apple, Mozilla, and Opera allowed the W3C to publish the specification under the W3C copyright, while keeping a version with the less restrictive license on the WHATWG site. For example, requiring that attributes that take media query lists use only valid media query lists reinforces the importance of following the conformance rules of that specification. 1.13 Suggested reading This section is non-normative. For example, changing the color of a site that uses throughout requires changes across the entire site, whereas a similar change to a site based on CSS can be done by changing a single file. Присутствует стильная тёмная версия шаблона. В шаблон внедрен современный рейтинг, для которого не понадобится правка файлов движка, который содержит шкалу с процентами.

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