Шаблон вордпресса с jquery на сервер

You would then generate a new one and send it to the callback script so that it can be used for the next request. Here is what the output may look like: Prevent Reinfections Removing the malware is not enough. As I already mentioned, hackers regularly try to update the malicious code so the problem will inevitably return unless you delete all the backdoors and close the security holes. Nov 2016 Update: If your Joomla or WordPress website is infected, check out our new, free, DIY guides to clean your site and prevent reinfection. Put the following code in your header.php file in the section: Your theme probably already has the wp_head function, so just make sure you call the wp_enqueue_script function BEFORE that. But since WordPress nonces are good for twenty-four hours, you needn’t do anything but check it.

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